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Global Views 360 welcomes articles and essays from students, researchers, academicians, journalists, writers, activists as well as other curious people on the internet.

However, before you consider writing for or submitting an article, please read the following:

Global Views 360 is dedicated to publishing articles and essays on issues which have Global implications. We especially endeavour to publish stories from the margins and outside the oft-reported zones. Currently, we only accept submissions in English.

As we are working on a very small budget, hence not in a position to pay any remuneration for the articles selected for publication.

Article Theme: All articles must pertain to one or more of the categories present on the Global Views 360 (e.g., Culture, Internet, Privacy and Surveillance, International Relations, History etc.). For now, Film/book reviews are not accepted, however if a film/book is used and/or analyzed to explain a broader socio-economic or political reality, we encourage those submissions.

Word Limit and preferred word usage: The minimum word limit for an article is 800 words. There is no upper limit, but please note that any submission exceeding 1800 words may be published in more than one part. We will not accept documents that include insensitive terminologies and or swear words, unless as part of a quotation.

Citations: All the assertions must be backed by hyperlinking citations.

Response Time: Please expect to hear from us within seven working days from the date of submission, regarding the acceptance of the article. If you do not hear from us, feel free to submit your article to any other publication.

NOTE: Global Views 360 does not accept the previously published works and if the submitted article is selected for publishing, Global Views 360 will retain the exclusive copyright for a period of 30 days, from the date of publication. During this period, the piece cannot be re-published elsewhere—including the author's personal blog—in the original or modified form. However later as well, if the author decides to publish the piece elsewhere, it must be acknowledged that the piece was first published in Global Views 360. Failing to comply with this and any unauthorized republication/reproduction of the piece may invite legal measures.

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